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M-Line Monitor Arms - Humanscale

After ten successful years in the market the Humanscale Monitor Arm Line was due for an update. ONDA-ID was tasked with aiding the internal Humanscale Design Team in developing a strategy for the the re-design.

Based on internal Humanscale research, initial concepts and studies of other product re-designs, it was established that the aesthetics should maintain cues from the original design while taking current workspace trends into account. Additionally, we focused on expanding on the success of the previous generation by simplifying the line and adding new functionality.

With a clear strategy in place, ONDA-ID supported the Humanscale Design and Engineering teams in the execution of the project. This involved initial concepts, CAD development, renderings, prototype creation, considerations for manufacturing and review of sample components.

Legacy M2 Monitor Arm

Re-Designed M2.1 Monitor  Arm

Updating Classics

In approaching this project we studied and discussed other product updates and what made them succesful (or not). We had the choice to make a light intervention or completely redesign the line.

The team concluded that succesful updates retain a clear lineage with their predecessors and can stand side by side without a sense of alienation.


Light Duty
Spring Mechanism
5-15 lbs
12” Height Adjst.

1 to 2 Monitor Support

Medium Duty
Spring Mechanism
6-24 lbs
12” Height Adjst.

1 to 2 Monitor Support

Heavy Duty
Gas Spring Mechanism
20-48 lbs
12” Height Adjst.

1 to 3 Monitor Support