ONDA (Spanish; ripple, wave, wavelength or vibe) can be both the description and/or the essence of matter, light, sound and emotion

ONDA is dedicated to resolving design challenges and exploring abstract concepts within the realm of Industrial Design.

Our process strives to find the essence of an idea or problem and use it as a guiding light. We believe minimalism creates more space for living and expression but hold that it should not come at the cost of emotion and connection. We work across industries to create seemingly simple yet expressive products and objects.


Fabian Monsalve founded ONDA in 2013 to act as his DBA (Doing Business As) 

Through ONDA, Fabian helps clients conceptualize, create and manufacture physical objects. His work ranges from simple housewares and electronics to complex mechanical devices. 

Fabian currently leads projects at ONDA and also holds a Senior Designer position at Todd Bracher Studio.


- Neocon Silver 2018
- iF Product Design 2013
- Red Dot 2012
- ICFF Studio 2012
- IIDEX Bronze 2011
- Neocon Silver 2011
- Product Innovation 2011
- IIDEX Bronze 2009

Recent Clients:

Office for Culture and Design
Vuff Dog Wear
lilGadgets Headphones

Brooklyn, NY, USA, 2019