Tupperware Keep Tabs

Position Freelance Designer for Melissa Easton Design
Project Scope Design of plastic containers for Tupperware. Design direction focuses on creating a natural location to open containers and on allowing users to store lids both matrioshka style and container over lid style.
Involvement Form development and illustration of proposed designs in CAD. Manufacturing support up to engineering release. 
Duration 3 Months

- Set of 5: Mini 160 mL, Small 500mL, 5 cup 1.2L, Large 2.5L Large and Extra 4.5L
- Altogether, each five-pc. set features over 8.4 L of storage capacity
- In Egg, Lime, Wintergreen and Cool Aqua
- For space-saving convenience, all pieces—including seals—fit inside Extra Large Container, so everything stores together in less than one square foot.

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